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This is the price for one person or one couple from one organisation.

Learn to produce more than 80% of the finishes you will ever need, quickly and profitably.


As a bespoke framer, you are expected to offer a huge range of frame finishes. This course will free you from the expense of stocking 100s of mouldings.


On this one day hands- on course you will learn


  1. What moulding profiles to buy
  2. Sanding and preparation (where necessary)
  3. Why your choice of brush matters
  4. How to speed up the process
  5. Easy ways to cut in accurately
  6. Which types of paint to buy
  7. The secrets of sanding sealer
  8. How to make wax work for you
  9. Patinating wax is a game-changer
  10. Crackle glazes
  11. Spray paints, and why I don't use them
  12. Washes and textures
  13. Gold and Silver finishes
  14. Wiping Varnish, and how to make it
  15. The vagueries and satisfaction of milk paint
  16. Gesso finishes
  17. Solid black and white finishes

Hand Finishing Course - 1 day Individual Tuition

  • This course can take place at my premises, or subject to expenses, it can be done at your premises. Please telephone to discuss options before purchasing this item

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