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Jeremy Anderson in his fully equipped picture framing workshop

Bespoke picture frames, straight from the workshop

I’m Jeremy Anderson, a picture frame maker based in Woodborough, Nottingham. I have been advising on frame design, and framing pictures for over 35 years


Picture Framing

I have a full professional workshop based at my home on Main Street Woodborough. Although no bespoke picture framing is 'cheap' due to the time and care it takes.

As I do not charge VAT, and my overheads are low, so you will find my charges very competitive.

Photoroom_20240307_95735 pm.jpg

Curio Frames

I have long had a passion for Nature's artwork.


My goal is to showcase the beauty of these amazing creatures, and present them in way to enhance your home. 


The Shop

Check out our range of amazing butterflies, moths, insects and fossils. All are framed in deep box frames, and glazed with anti-reflective UV filtering glass, to show incredible detail and enhance Nature's colour palette.


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