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Curio Frames

I take pride in sourcing butterflies and moths from ethical conservation projects. These projects provide a sustainable income for the local inhabitants, and by definition maintain the flora and fauna, whilst ensuring the long term viability of the butterflies and moths.


I then carefully rehydrate, position and pin each specimen. This process requires skill and patience, as these creatures can be very delicate.


Once pinned, and thoroughly dried out, the specimens are then individually framed, using conservation standard materials, and specialist glass which cuts out reflections, and ultra-violet light. This means that you will see the exquisite detail, and exact colours as nature intended. The ultra violet filtering glass will also ensure that colour fading is greatly reduced.


Each butterfly is unique and tells its own story, making our collection a truly special addition to any home or office.

Curio Frames craft market stall
Blue Morpho menelaus butterfly
butterflies being spread for presentation
Indian Red Admiral Butterfly

Butterfly Trade Ethics

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farmed butterflies in the rain forest
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