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Introducing the stunning Coelonia fulvinotata, also known as the Fulvous Hawk Moth.


This moth species is native to the lush forests of Cameroon, where it can be found fluttering among the lush greenery. With its striking fulvous-colored wings and intricate patterns, this moth is a captivating addition to any collection.


The Fulvous Hawk Moth is known for its strong, swift flight and beautiful hovering behavior, making it a delight to observe. Add the Coelonia fulvinotata to your moth and butterfly collection to showcase the beauty of the Cameroon rainforest in your own home.

Fulvous Hawk Moth

SKU: 1408
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  • Coelonia fulvinotata
  • 216mm x 216mm x 60mm deep

    The frame can be hung on the wall, or will stand securely on any flat surface. The frame is extremely strong and rigid acrylic, reinforced with steel inside the corners.

    Mounting board is conservation quality, with professionally laser engraved title.

    Glass is Museum standard anti-reflective glass that protects the contents from ultra-violet light. This provides stunning colour clarity and protection that normal glass and perspex just don't match.

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